Website Packages

Websites are often the first impression a business makes on a potential client. Does yours impress? Does it highlight your professionalism and does it mirror the care your customers can expect from you? It needs to.

Juicy Nugget Websites are founded in WordPress.  Providing WordPress installation, optimization and design, you know you’re getting the best the market has to offer.

Our goal is to build you a solid, search-engine friendly website that you’ll be able to modify as your business changes and grows. Customer service, quality work, and results delivered within your time frame are the core components of our business model.

Before you read the Juicy Nugget website pricing structure, rest assured, if you are uncomfortable paying so little for so much, we are willing to increase prices at your request.   …but we’ll wait for your “go-ahead”.

Website Packages:

“Get It Done”                                           $695

This ‘bare essentials’ package is a key starting point for some, and for others it is everything and all that they will need.  Perfect for those who have needed a website for a while, but haven’t quite gotten around to it.

This package includes a number of things:

  • WordPress installation
  • Complete settings configuration
  • 7 pages with basic content layout (may include pictures)
  • Basic Contact form
  • Spam protection
  • Search Engine Optimization plugin ♣

♣SEO plugin is installed, but must be manually administered by client.

“I’m So Pretty”                                         $995

You want more than just an effective website. You want something with style, looks, and a little twinkle in it’s eye. You want a website that says to it’s visitors “Hey there, I wore this for you…” In more literal terms you want a website where considerable attention is paid to formatting, colors, text styles, and that all around “extra touch”.

This package includes everything mentioned above, as well as:

  • Font stylization (colors, styles, sizes, etc…)
  • Copy formatting (placement of images, and paragraph alignment)
  • 2 Sidebar widgets ♣
  • Blog with custom categories
  • Custom background & page colors ♣♣

♣ Additional widgets – $49 each
♣♣ limitations may apply

“It’s Business Time”                                 $1,640

We’re not playing any games here.  This is business and it’s serious.  All bull snot aside, we need a good website that looks professional, is going to impress visitors and clients while leading them through a clear path to the solution your business provides.  You need to be found on the web and you more customization options.  Growth potential is key in this site.  Options need to be customizable.  This site will be a customer resource.

Package includes everything mentioned above, as well as:

  • SEO Keyword research included and integrated
  • Monthly Google Analytics reports
  • Downloadable Files page
  • Site Map + submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing
  • Up to 13 plugins/widgets/sidebar functionalities

“The International”                                   $1,975

For the “must have it all” package, you… well… you get it all.  Maybe you need to dominate the Google search results and stomp on your competition until they begin wondering where all the business is going or; you were expecting to pay $6,999 or more for a website and figure for $1,975 why not… this is the package for you.

The International” includes everything the other packages have, as well as:

  • Complete Search Engine Optimization Foundation♣
  • Saleable advertising space
  • Social bookmarking tools
  • Global site translation

♣ Ongoing SEO recommended

Additional Services:

◊      Google Adwords Management –  Drive traffic to your site.

◊     Google Adsense Incorporation– Make money off ads in your site.

◊     Keyword Research – Learn what terms are sending traffic to your competitors websites and how to make this work for you.

◊     Site “Potency” Integration – Make your site more searchable for Google traffic.

◊     Image Optimization for Search – Let your site images bring you new business.

◊     AutoResponder Integration – Harness subscriber email lists; make money.

◊    Hands on WordPress Tutorial – Learn to use WordPress through one-on-one coaching.