Customer Engagement

Consumers are being attacked with advertisements, incentives and encouragement to try new products and businesses at every turn.  Keeping your customers your own is a significantly greater challenge than it was in the past.  Consumer loyalty is fading, but it will never disappear.  Customers just need more courting as their are more viable suitors than ever before.

Customer Engagement is key in maintaining your ongoing relationship with your clients.  Saying hello to a customer who comes through your door once a year, or every couple months just isn’t enough.  You need to let them know you care and for many, that you still exist!

Reminding your customers in a lite and non-intrusive way, that you are available and eager to see them and serve them is quite often a welcome and appreciated sign that you care.  Customers do respond.  And with those responses comes revenue.

Juicy Nugget uses a number of strategies, tactics and approaches to engage, harness and grow your customer and client base.  Our goal is to build your revenue at a pace that is comfortable for you and your customers.

How much new business can you accommodate?